Our Team

Nancy Johnstone


As founder of the Fuel Bar, Nancy was inspired to offer a destination where she could connect people to real, whole foods. The restaurant was her vehicle to offer a message that eating unprocessed, seasonal, healthy food is the cornerstone to health and well being.

Nancy believes that what we eat, where it comes from and how it is prepared has a direct impact on the health of individuals.

She also believes that her business is not only about selling food and services, but about selling experiences, stories and relations.

She is building her business with like minded, kind individuals, including her business partner, customers, local suppliers and

caring employees.

She likes to think that her business is more about connecting with humanity, by working on her business and serving people from a place of joy.

Marta Caferra

Visionary Owner

As a visionary owner, Marta Caferra oversees the development and execution of the Fuel Bar Menu. She has an extensive background in the restaurant industry working in fine dining. Marta has an incredible love and passion for culinary cuisine, and her mission is to create and cultivate authentic and amazing food experiences. All of the food at the Fuel Bar is made with love and from scratch daily. She believes in the powerful effect of how the finest and freshest ingredients can impact the health of our customers.

Her commitment as owner, is that the food, service and environment provides the best experience, and that the customer leaves better off than when they walked through her door.