The Amazing Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano is a very potent steam distilled extract of a fresh aromatic plant. Oregano oil is very concentrated; the essential oil becomes a completely different healing tool than its dried herbal tea counterpart. You may find it difficult to drink enough oregano tea from your spice rack to clear up a sinus infection and soaking your fungal feet in oregano tea infusion may take years of daily soaking before you see results!! Oregano tea will help to alleviate an upset stomach or gently bring down a fever, but to get fast results for general home emergency care, the potent drops of Oil of Oregano can be just what the herbal doctor ordered.

Oil of Oregano is the first supplement that comes to mind as a, “If in doubt, recommend it” product for most of us at Optimum Health. I personally use it as a first line of defense for many health ailments such as: cuts & scrapes, pimples, cold & flu symptoms, allergies, fevers, etc. It covers a broad range of actions and it can be very fast acting.

Oregano is also known as ‘Wild Marjoram’, which can be somewhat confusing… as common Oreganoplant names can be. The Oreganoscientific name of Oregano is Origanum vulgare and Marjoram is Origanum marjorana, they belong in the same botanical family (Labiatae) and have many of the same healing properties. They also smell quite similar as most of us know from having them in our spice cabinets. When I was younger I remember wondering what the difference was between these two herbs in particular, since they have such a similar smell and they obviously looked the same as well.

The main differences become more obvious when looking at the essential oil ‘constituents’ or ‘markers’, as science calls it. Unlike Marjoram, Oregano contains thymol, a potent anti-fungal plant constituent also found in Thyme oil (Thymus vulgaris, same botanical family); we use Thyme oil with great success in Kolya Naturals Day Spa for recommendation of fungal toe nails.

Oregano also contains more carvacrol constituent than Marjoram and most other essential oils in the world. Carvacrol is the main constituent in Oregano oil that has been shown in studies to produce healing benefits and it is the main marker that manufacturers look for in a high potency and good quality Oil of Oregano.

There is a general consensus with most manufacturers that high quality grown Oregano will naturally contain 70 to 85 percent of carvacrol. Some products have more carvacrol added from synthetic or natural source. I believe in following nature’s lead by sticking to the original balance of synergistic compounds, rather than spiking up one single constituent because it tests well in a lab. Oregano products available at Optimum Health are unadulterated and natural.

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